Clocks not to go back in Hampshire

clocks go back

Hampshire County Council have confirmed that the county will not be joining the rest of Britain in moving the clocks back this evening.

A spokesman for HCC told us that the practice was in many ways outdated and it was hoped that other County Councils would follow suit at some point over the next few years if not immediately.

“Whatever we do in terms of shifting the clock in either direction over winter, it’s still dark when you go to work and dark when you come home so it doesn’t really make any difference. People are of course free to put their own clocks back but on the proviso that they will then be required to arrive at work an hour early.”

One Southampton resident told us that they thought the move would make life less confusing but that they weren’t sure. “I know I won’t have to change the kitchen clock, but will my phone know I live in Hampshire and not alter itself automatically, or do I have to remember to not alter it? Or alter it. Do I ask someone else what the time is? And if I do, will they know?”.

However local newspaper the Southampton Echo have confirmed that they will be publishing the correct time on their newspapers in order ameliorate any ambiguity and keep everyone singing from the same hymn sheet. Editor Ian Murray told us “It will be a little confusing to start with as as when you watch the 6pm news it will actually be 7pm. Of course when it comes to the regional news at 6.30pm it will actually be  6.30pm unless you are watching it from another region in which case it will be 5.30pm, or 7.30pm depending on which way you look at it.”

For the rest of the country the clocks go back tonight.


  1. It is time that this push pull of the clock every six month or so was dumped.

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