UKIP Calypso song reaches number one in Jamaica

Mike read calypso

The UKIP Calypso song has reached number one in Jamaica, Trinidad and Barbados leaving critics of UKIP red faced following accusations of racism.

The song is written and sung by former Saturday Superstore presenter Mike Read who told us “I’m white. But I’ve made myself sound like a black man. Not one of those new fangled ones. The type you used to see in the 1970s on Mind your language or the double deckers.”

“And I’m shocked, outraged and appalled that anyone might think that me, the song or the United Kingdom Independence Party are racist.”

A spokesman for the Jamaican music industry told us “We are big fans of Mike Read and really appreciate him putting on a Jamaican accent to get his point across. He should come to Jamaica and sing his song live. He must. He really must.”

UKIP leader Nigel Farage who has come out in full support of Mr Read said “It’s all a bit of fun. That’s why we’re performing a black and white minstrel show to raise awareness.”

The success of the track and the likely world tour will be a welcome boost for UKIP who suffered bad publicity when the steel band that they had hired for the ill fated UKIP carnival refused to play. UKIPs only MP Douglas Carswell said “People are realising that we’re the only party who truly understand other cultures. Harrow. Rook at me. I’m a Chinaman..” he explained.


  1. perhaps the lovable TV celebrity bear “Sooty” can be Mike’s support act for these gigs.
    Sir Archibald Poopwitt

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