Calls to ban Antiques Roadshow as Hugh Skully says c*nt

antiques roadshow

The BBC have refused to confirm or deny whether they will be axing the long running television show Antiques road show after footage has emerged of presenter Hugh Skully quite clearly calling one of the exhibits brought in by a member of the public a c*nt.

Unbroadcast footage shows a lady speaking to Arthur Negus about a vase that she has brought in. Negus it seems is estimating the the vase to be of the Tudor era before Skully neatly steps in and says

“It’s a cunt, that’s what it is. Your vase is a c*nt.”

A spokesman from the BBC has distanced the organisation from the accusations and argued that it has a strict policy of telling people how much their antiques are worth rather than likening them to types of genitalia.

“We can confirm that all footage is well edited before it reaches the screens for Sunday afternoon tea and crumpet viewing. And if Mr SKully has called anyone or in this case any inanimate object a c*nt then we certainly wouldn’t be screening it.”

ITV antiques expert David Dickinson has played down the use of language explaining that it is quite acceptable in the right context. “Hugh was involved in a discussion of the Tudor era where it was quite normal to use the word c*nt particularly when describing antiques and decorative artefacts. In fact, it’s still commonly used in the antiques trade. People call me it all the time.”

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