Myleene Klass fury at proposed smug tax

myleene klass smugTelevision celebrity Myleen Klass has publicly hit out against Labour leader Ed Miliband over his plans to tax people who are overtly smug about their wealth, success or media attention.

As Miliband sought to defend the so-called smug tax as a principled way of raising extra funding for the NHS, Klass said the levy would hit former 1980’s celebrities who have spent all their money on ching rather rather than the super-smug A-listers Miliband claimed to be targeting.

Speaking on ITV’s The Agenda Klass said “If you tax poor people, then they’re probably feeling miserable already so it’s not going to make any difference . That’s why the bedroom tax was such a good idea. But if you tax someone who is enjoying fame and fortune, and poncing around eating foie gras with the beautiful people, then you might burst their bubble and make them a little bit sad temporarily. It’s inhumane.

“You can’t just point at someone and say they’e smug I’m going to tax them. And in any event if you do then I, I mean they would be slightly less smug as a result and they wouldn’t have to pay so much. You see. You haven’t thought this through.”

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne has come out in support for Ms Klass and her unfeasibly out of touch smugness, and assured voters that the Government would only tax people who look like they’re already having a bad time of it.

“Hear hear! Ching ching! Look at me! I don’t even have to work. Read my lips. No smug tax on my bally watch.” he told us.

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