Barry Chuckle to compete against brother Paul for Labour leadership

chuckle brothers

Barry Chuckle has this morning denied rumours of any sibling animosity  following the news that he will be running against his  brother Paul in the forthcoming labour leadership battle.

One Labour insider told us “Paul Chuckle is furious. Over and above entertaining generations of children with the same joke he has never hidden his naked ambition to be labour leader. And up until this morning he had been generally expected to walk into the position, the elections being seen as just a formality.”

However Barry Chuckle has hit back at accusations of stabbing his brother in the back arguing that ultimately it will be  labour members and the trade unions, not all of whom vote labour, that will decide their next leader.

“I think I’ve got just as much chance of becoming labour leader as my brother. The opinion polls keep swinging wildly to me, to him, to me, to him.” He explained.

Super smooth Labour Spin-Doctor Peter Mandelson said that whatever the results, the leadership contest is expected to be wrapped up in just a few days, with the losing sibling then expected to resign from politics and shimmy over the other side of the pond as fast as his little legs will carry him.

“This will give the winning Chuckle Brother five years to convince Labour voters that they backed the wrong horse whilst simultaneously refusing to resign.”

Meanwhile, in Scotland Nicola Sturgeon has denied that she was fast tracked to  SNP leader in order to avoid a very public and bitter leadership battle between the Proclaimers.

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