Non-voters celebrate really sticking it to the man

non voters

Non voters have spent the week-end celebrating the fact that they really stuck it to the man by not voting and thus let him know that they were disillusioned with the whole system.

One such non-voter told us “I looked through the list of candidates, and none were in touch with me, and what I think and feel. So by not voting, the establishment knows what I think and knows they’re going to have to change their ways.”

Indeed Prime Minister David Cameron called the fact that some people didn’t vote, enabling him to rule the country, a ‘terrible shame’ and assured the public that this would most probably be addressed at some point or other.

“Well you certainly taught us in the establishment a thing or two. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to press on with doing all the things I couldn’t get away with doing under a coalition. Starting by appointing a bloke who wants to bring back hanging as Justice secretary.” He explained.

Another non-voter told us that should they have voted, they would actually have endorsed the framework by which they didn’t vote, even if they had been voting against it. And the only way to stop the government that got in anyway was by not playing their game by voting for someone else.

“Apart from us apparently ending up with an unfettered right wing government who want to isolate us from the rest of Europe, abolish the NHS, blame disabled people for the actions of bankers and abolish the Human Rights Act, voting never changes anything.

“And unless the government does something about it I’m not going to vote next time either.”

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