Conservative voters confident they won’t ever get ill

conservative voters healthy

Conservative voters are looking forward to the next 5 years of a Conservative Government, confident that they themselves will never get ill and as a result won’t be affected by the inevitable demise of the NHS.

One voter we spoke to trying to get a last GP check up in told us “I don’t want to fork out for a system that helps sick people if I’m not and that’s why I’m voting Conservative. If I thought I might get ill then I’d want a health service and vote Labour. And I’ve always voted Conservative. In any event we’re really not the sort of people who contract diseases.

“I’m also never going to lose my job and have to rely on the welfare state in any way .

“It’ll all be fine.

“La la la. I can’t hear you.”

Health Secretary Jeremy fucking Hunt has denied that British citizens will have trouble accessing treatment should they become ill.

“It’s ridiculous to say healthcare will suffer under a Conservative only administration. For a start many people will have private healthcare. And for the others we’ll still be offering a national Health Service. We’re just going to trim a bit of unnecessary fat from it such as doctors, nurses and beds.

“And less people seeing Doctors has got to be a good thing.”


  1. Maybe he should issue all Doctor with an oil lamp to visit their patients 24 hrs a day .

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