Trump supporters deny being “A bit simple”

donald trump supporters

Donald Trump supporters throughout the USA have hit back at suggestions that they are a bit simple and probably wouldn’t even find their way to the polling station on election day, should Mr Trump be a candidate for the presidency.

One Trump fan told us he was furious at suggestions that the only way they might actually find a polling station or indeed their own house would be if a passing Mexican or Muslim decided to take pity and give them directions.

“Trump may not have a clue what life’s like for an ordinary working person. And he probably doesn’t even care. But he is racist and quite willing to blame our poverty on immigrants that he employs. And that makes him the man for the job in my book. If I had a book.”

Mr Trump himself has also hit back at suggestions that his supporters might be every so slightly basic.

“I resent the insinuation that my supporters are anything other than highly rational sentient beings. Otherwise how would they know I’m talking about me when I speak in the third person. Anyone who thinks they’re a little bit simple will have to explain why they’re are hard at work building a giant statue of me at their own expense.”

One supporter we spoke to muttered incomprehensibly about making Mexicans build a wall around themselves and clapped his hands together like a seal.

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