Portsmouth Uni to keep Jim Davidson statue

jim davidson statue

Protesters at Portsmouth University have told of their disappointment today at the management’s decision to keep its controversial 20 foot statue of Jim Davidson.

A spokesman for the University said that they had listened to the protesters but concluded that they will have all pissed off somewhere else in 3 years time having finished their degrees and the next lot might like it.

“He was one of the most popular comedians of the 1970s. They were different times, the fact that we only put the statue up last year should not deflect from that. Anyway all statues are racist.” He explained.

Portsmouth City Council Leader Donna Jones called the decision “a victory for common sense or whatever you’d like me to say that will get me votes from Daily Mail readers when I finally get to stand for parliament.”

We contacted Jim Davidson for a comment but he was too busy performing an impression of a black man in a series of increasingly insignificant provincial town venues to an evermore depleted audience.

Similar protests have been reported at the more prestigious Oxford University where students have campaigned to have a statue of Gary Rhodes removed. One student told us “If you think I’m going to be reminded of regrettable 1980s cuisine every morning for 3 years as I walk to lectures, you can think again.”

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