Gary Barlow “I taught the Queen everything she knows about tax evasion”

barlow the queen tax evasion

Take That front man Gary Barlow has admitted giving Her Royal Highness the Queen tips on tax evasion over several visits to the Palace where the pair talked about their immense fortunes and ate roast swan.

“How do you think I got my knighthood? Obviously I am joking. But that’s still how I got my knighthood. Do you see how it works yet?” Mr Barlow told us off the record.

“Obviously I’m pretty handy at turning my income into a charitable donation which is actually classed as a loan and then an investment which I get back from a company I own in Luxembourg with no tax and an EU subsidy. But the Queen making her money directly from the public coffers and then avoiding tax by banking it in the Cayman islands has surpassed even my expectations.” He explained.

A spokesman for the Palace told us “Whilst on the surface Britain’s biggest benefit claimant avoiding tax might seem a little bit iffy, we hope, like in the case of Barlow, that you the British public forget all about it. And we must add that the Royal family are hugely beneficial to the economy. Just not this one.”


  1. Superb and accurate

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