African people to pay Bono’s tax bill

Grateful people from Africa are to pay Bono’s tax bill as plans to hold a benefit concert for him in Nairobi are underway.

Gary Barlow “I taught the Queen everything she knows about tax evasion”

Take That front man Gary Barlow has admitted giving Her Royal Highness the Queen tips on tax evasion over several visits to the Palace where the pair talked about their immense fortunes and ate roast swan. 

McDonalds to pay corporation tax at £6.71 per hour

McDonalds are to pay HMRC £6.71 an hour in corporation tax following their move to London from Luxembourg for tax purposes.

Trump “Muslims stole my tax returns”

Donald Trump’s tax returns have been stolen by Muslims, thus preventing him from producing them for public inspection, according sources close to the presidential candidate

David Cameron to head tax evasion inquiry

David Cameron has promised to head a new inquiry into tax evasion, starting tomorrow or maybe the day after, at the latest in the next week or so.

Senior Conservatives “not at all shitting it” at Swiss bank raid

David Cameron has confirmed that senior Tories, cabinet ministers and party donors are not at all shitting it over today’s raids on the Geneva subsidiary of HSBC bank. “You can rest assured that neither this nor any future raids are going to turn up any sort of impropriety whatsoever. And if anyone we know just […]

Cameron warns “Wealthy Tory donors will take their tax evasion elsewhere”

Wealthy Tory donors and other assorted friends of the Prime Minister will take their tax evasion elsewhere and fail to contribute to the public coffers in a completely different country unless left alone to do whatever they like, David Cameron has warned today. Speaking at a packed press conference an incensed Mr Cameron said that […]

Take That urge public sector workers to call off strike

After talks with Prime Minister David Cameron today, the members of 1980s boy band Take That have gone on record to urge public sector workers to call off tomorrow’s strike. Set to put an acceptable ageing boy band face to Government plans to curb all union activity, the middle aged crooners are seen as Cameron’s […]

Gary Barlow in OBE giving back avoidance scheme

Former 1990s bland songsmith Gary Barlow has again been criticised today as evidence has emerged that he entered into an OBE giving back avoidance scheme, a scheme so complex that it managed to sidestep all OBE giving back laws and protocol, resulting in the scenario that he still has one. A parliamentary insider explained that […]