African people to pay Bono’s tax bill

bono tax bill

Grateful people from Africa are to pay Bono’s tax bill as plans to hold a benefit concert for him in Nairobi are underway.

The U2 front man recently fell on hard times meaning he was unable to pay income tax due to an unfortunate series of investment loopholes that meant he legally didn’t have to.

“I could pay it myself but the kindness of the African people might mean that I don’t have to. And it’s good for them too, because they get to give something back, and let’s be honest, up until now now it’s been a bit of a one way street.

“Some of these people are really poor. Poorer than you or oi can imagine. And their plight brings a tear to the eye. But if they all just put in a little bit of cash then the sky’s the limit in reaching what oi owe the tax man.

“And so they feckin’ should after everything oive done for them. Which is basically sing a song whilst other people chip in money.”

The concert is thought to be screened via some of Africa’s main TV networks. Sir Bob Geldof who brokered many of the contracts told us “I’ll see that he gets every penny.”

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