“They’re just a bunch of migrants” says leader of a pack of cunts

cameron pack of cunts

The leader of a monumentally wealthy pack of cunts that have found themselves born into the ruling classes has this morning denounced all Calais refugees as a bunch of migrants.

“They’ve been told by that Jeremy Corbyn that they can simply come over here and have free cake.” Mr Cameron explained whilst simultaneously reaching for a slice of publicly funded cake.

“Well we’re not going to just hand everything on a plate to this bunch of migrants” the Prime Minister added to cries of “hear hear” from fellow pack of cunt members who have largely had things handed to them on a plate.

The Prime Minister has hit back at criticism that in addition to being an unfeeling bastard he might just possibly be a tiny bit racist.

“We’re not racist. We have plenty of friends from the foreign climes. They went to Eton with us and their parents are arms dealers or dicatators. Yet somehow we’re supposed to feel sorry for a bunch of poor migrants whose parents couldn’t be bothered to be rich, powerful or corrupt.

“No, we’re too busy to care about a bunch of migrants. Too busy being right behind hard working families. At least in theory. Or non-hard working families that have a lot of money. Probably the latter to be honest.”

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