Rapper B.o.B falls off edge of the world

rapper B.o.B flat earth

Commiserations and messages of sympathy have been coming in thick and fast from around the music industry today, following reports that Rapper B.o.B sadly fell off the edge of the earth in an attempt to prove to the scientific world that the earth was indeed flat, and that you could fall off it.

“Obviously it’s flat. Apart from hills and things. How else do you explain the sea staying where it is. And do you every wonder why no-one has actually dug a hole in London to see if they come up in Melbourne? ” The rapper had had reportedly tweeted before his disappearance this morning.

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson has gone on record to apologise to the scientific world for any misunderstanding about the earth being spherical.

“For the last 500 years every single planet, moon and star we’ve looked at through a telescope has been round. So we just naturally thought the earth must be round as well. That and the fact that it looked round as well from space. And no-one had ever fallen off it up until now. But now Rapper B.o.B has and it’s all my fault.

“However there is the slim chance that rather than falling off the edge of the earth he might have just passed out after repeatedly running around in circles chasing his own arse. So it might all be all right after all.” He explained.


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