Britain First to hold next Christian patrol in Syria

britain first christian patrol

Britain First are set to fly out to Syria to preach Christian values and wave British flags about, following the success of their recent Christian patrol in Luton.

Leader Paul Golding said that the trip would prove once and for all that his group was committed to defending British values of tolerance and equality, even if if it meant travelling abroad and laying their lives on the line. As opposed to being a bunch of racists up for a week-end punch up in various provincial town centres, comfortable in the knowledge that they would be rescued by the police if they were losing.

“We’re just moving from one Islamist hotspot to another. It can’t possibly be more hectic than Luton.” He explained.

The planned excursion has received a surprising level of support, with a diverse cross-section of society including many Muslims offering to chip in for their plane fare.

“It’s great that they’re out their defending Britain and indeed the western world like that. I’d always thought they were just shouty twats.” One member of the public told us.

Mr Golding has denounced rumours of a recent group booking at Benny Hill’s British hotel in Magaluf, Majorca, as rubbish and has assured supporters that the trip is indeed to Syria to promote Christian values on the front line.

“You wouldn’t catch us being in any way duplicitous in order to manipulate a situation.” He assured us.

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