Autumn dismissed as “project fear”

Boris no such thing as Autumn

The season of Autumn has been dismissed as “scaremongering and project fear” according to a number of prominent politicians.

Former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson who previously wrote an article forewarning of Autumn and even winter afterwards said “We have absolutely no reason to believe that summer will not continue indefinitely. In fact any short term drop in temperature will be a mere blip most likely  caused by so called experts, getting melodramatic faffing about with thermometers and starting to wear jackets.

“If you actually ask the people, they would prefer it to be summer all the time. And that’s why it’s going to be.”

Mr Johnson is not the only politician to throw his weight behind a perpetual summer. One staunch allie Jacob Rees-Mogg explained

“A few leaves falling off the trees are simply no indication of seasonal change caused by the trajectory of planet earth’s orbit around the sun. People with a vested interest in temperature fluctuations might give stark warnings but last year the summer just went on and on at my house in the Seychelles.”

Iain Duncan Smith told us “I think the people have had quite enough of meteorologists. I for one have never met a weatherman.”

The move away from autumn, winter and spring has caused a hotbed of vibrant debate on social media platforms with many people having something really important to say. One such debate that argued that Autumn might actually still happen despite the will of the people was met with the response “Laughing emoji! Scaremongering! Project fear! Bye bye undemocratic seasons!”

“Give us the summer all year we voted for. That’ll keep out the fackin’ Eskimos” Another added.

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