Some bird wears some dress to some event or other

some bird wearing some dress

The celebrity and fashion world have been rocked to their core today as it has transpired that some bird wore some dress to some event or other at some point in the last few days.

The lady in question, who likes to sing some songs, wore a dress made from some different materials stitched in a way that it looked different from some of the other dresses that other women had put on in order to not be naked when they went out for this particular evening.

The person, who has also appeared on some television programmes, accessorised the long-sleeved dress with a pair of fierce diamond otter skin heels, still attached to the otters which were still alive, and a pair of plutonium encrusted earrings. 

Of course, no celebrity’s look is complete without a hairdo and it was widely rumoured that the star had been to a hairdresser or a barber shortly before the event.

One punter hanging around outside the event told us “The news does get a little bit dull sometimes. Regime change in Ukraine,riots in Venezuela, genocide in the Central African Republic and environmental damage due to climate change in Britain, all gets a bit samey after a while. And if our media didn’t have their fingers on the pulse it’s probably all we’d hear about. Thankfully when a celebrity puts on a new outfit that cost enough to feed and clothe an African village we’re kept up to date with it. It’s simply wonderful and not at all shallow.”

The event was also attended by some other people who sing some songs, do some acting or earn a living by wearing dresses. Many of them also wore some different types of clothes.


  1. I believe that a woman also had sex with a man who plays football.

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