UKIP voters fury as foreigners still here

ukip immigrants

UKIP voters are said to feel “betrayed, lied to and betrayed” as despite UKIP winning the European elections, many have woken up to find that Britain is still a multicultural country.

One UKIP voter from Portsmouth Tracey Garlic told us “I feel betrayed, lied to and betrayed. We votes them into Portsmouth city council, and what happens, nothing. We votes them into the European Parliament, and what happens, nothing. Now they’re saying they can’t start getting rid of people who act foreign until we vote them in on yet another bloody election next year. Well they’re not fooling me this time. Honestly, they must think we’re stupid.”

The first European parliamentary session due this week is likely to be a quiet affair due to the reluctance of most MEPs to mix with foreigners. UKIP leader and MEP Nigel Fararage explained “We all agree that everything is the fault of foreigners. But for some bloody reason these foreign MEPs  seem to think that we’re the foreigners not them. It’s the worse case of denial that I’ve ever seen. We’ll have to have a word if  either we or they can bear to actually go to Strasbourg.”

African leaders have expressed concern at the concept of everyone going back to where they came from. President of the African Union  Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz told us “We realise that much of Europe now wants everyone to go back to where they came from. And that means the whole world living together in Africa in peace and harmony as one race. But you can’t. We haven’t got room for you.”



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