Shock as loud girl says ‘Oh my God’ a lot to describe a somewhat mundane occurence

OMG phone

Drinkers in the beer garden at the Black Lion Pub in Hammersmith are said to be relieved and recovering at the news that the girl this afternoon shouting “Oh My God!” into her mobile phone loudly was actually overstating the importance of the situation she was discussing, to the extent that she may have in hindsight not needed to shout “Oh my God” at all.

One drinker who told us he was still shaken but thankfully on the mend.

“We heard the young lady in question shouting ‘Oh my God’ into her phone with such ferocity and amplification that we naturally assumed that a) this was a life or death situation and b) it was a situation that must affect all of us, certainly everybody in the beer garden, within the pub itself and across the road. Clearly this girl wanted us to hear her and was trying to warn us of something.

“I thought it might be Beelzebub himself having escaped from Hades to smother all humankind with a plague of bats. Either that or a tidal wave. Or perhaps an escaped lion from the zoo. Either way I knew that only by us pulling together could we all stand a chance of getting through it alive.”

Another customer told us “I thought the pub might have run out of beer”

Thankfully the  potentially life threatening scenario was averted after an eagle eared drinker managed to overhear the rest of the conversation, mainly due to it being shouted from a table three feet away from his own.

“On further listening it merely transpired that much to everyone’s relief it was down to someone in her wider group of friends who had been a ‘bit funny’ with someone else. It meant our ordeal was finally over and rather than face certain Armageddon we could relax and enjoy a few more beers.”

“It was a false alarm this time but I’m not going to become complacent. I know that next time I hear an overly loud girl shrieking ‘Oh My God’ repeatedly into a mobile phone, we may not be so lucky.”

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