All celebrities made out of plasticine by Tony Hart

richard and judy plasticine

The BBC and other television companies are facing further investigation today as news has emerged that every single celebrity, that we as normal people, look up to and aspire to, is not real and has actually been made out of plasticine by artist and former Vision On presenter Tony Hart.

A remorseless and unrepentant Tony Hart told us “It’s true. Everyone you’ve ever seen on the television is my handy work. When I started with Morph, everybody knew he was made of plasticine and so I just kept practising. When I created Richard and Judy, Katie Price and Peter Andre I still wasn’t fooling anyone. But by the time I got to John Torode and Greg Wallace on Masterchef, people actually thought they were real. I made them all out of plasticine, except for Russell Brand who I made out of feathers.

“I keep all their wages and it’s perfect for tax avoidance as you can’t tax plasticine!” He cackled wildly.

But in such a celebrity focussed age, can Tony hart really control the actions of all celebrities frame by frame with the likes of Heat and the Daily Mail following their every move? It seems not even he knows.

“I struggle to remember sometimes whether they have indeed taken on a life of their own, or whether the whole thing is controlled by me. It’s all a bit like the puppet in that film Magic” he admitted.

One Police spokesman told us “Its put a new slant on things, that’s for sure, and it’s going to make operation Yew tree more complicated.”

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