Shock as right wing bigot leaves established bigot party for more wobbly eyed lot

douglas carswell

The political landscape has once again been altered beyond recognition after news that right wing backbencher Douglas Carswell MP has decided to leave the established long standing right wing, low income intolerant, bigoty, borderline racist, Conservative party, and instead embrace the proper all out wobbly eyed mad as a box of frogs lot.

In an impassioned speech, Mr Carswell said “Britain needs a change. We need to blame more things on other European Countries and immigrants. Then, and only then, will cantankerous old fuckers who enjoy wiling the hours away with casual bigotry, and lazy young people who think that foreigners have taken a job that they themselves didn’t actually apply for, finally have their faith restored in the political system. Until of course they realise that we’re just being manipulated by a former city broker who’s just going to lead us all away like the pied piper to the mystical ‘Land of the same old bollocks’.”

However, Prime Minister David Cameron has said that Mr Carswell and other MPs who may follow him could be making a very grave error.

“It’s the wobbly eyes they’re attracted by. And Nigel Farage’s handsome beagle like features. But the voters know that we’re the party to offer abject isolationism from the rest of the world. Don’t forget we’re the people that brought you Margaret Thatcher”

More soon.

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