Marijuana to be legalised in Wales

marijuana in wales

The recreational use of Marijuana is to be legalised in Wales as of this summer, according to a spokesman for the Welsh assembly following recent revelations that it does in fact have the authority to pass such legislation.

“The USA have done it in some states and not others, and to our knowledge the world hasn’t fallen off its axis. It’s all been about Scotland the past couple of years, keeping them happy. It’s about time we did something for Wales and it makes sense to let everyone get stoned. And it’ll give local business a much needed boost.”

The move is not thought to have gone down well at Westminster not least because all present anti-smoking legislation for pubs, supermarkets and public transport only applies to tobacco. And as long as “weed only” spliffs are smoked they may be powerless to intervene.

In an impassioned speech Prime Minister David Cameron urged members of the Welsh Assembly to think very carefully about the decision they were making and then think again, before pondering on it some more and giving it a great deal more thought.

“Obviously we all allude to having smoked a spliff at some point without coming right out and saying that we’ve done it, even if we in fact haven’t done it. But that doesn’t mean people should be allowed to do it even if they’re going to do it anyway.” he explained.

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