Will i Am buys house in Cockfosters

Will i Am cockfosters

Former Black eyed peas front man and now chief chair spinner apart from Tom Jones on TV show ‘The voice’ has fuelled rumours that he is indeed setting down roots in Britain and buying a house in Cockfosters.

Though contracts are yet to be exchanged Mr i Am is believed to have had an offer accepted for a flap load of cash for a 19 bedroom property complete with its own swimming pool, cinema and gift shop.

Speaking on BBC Radio 1’s Newsbeat he explained “It’s pretty much the biggest house in cockfosters and locals tell me that that makes me the cock, which is apparently old English for being the most important person in the village.”

Though Mr i Am appears to have chosen Cockfosters due to its Greater London location the fact that he has a helicopter means that he could easily commute from further afield. Other locations where he has considered purchasing properties are The Cock of Arran on the Scottish island of Bute, Cockshead in Cardiganshire, Great Bottom in Somerset or Shitterton in Dorset.

However a spokesman for Foxton’s estate agents told us “He’s a little bit concerned that there is often a concentration of landed gentry and minor royals in these areas who are generally known by the local as nobs. . He’s quite clear that if he is living in Britain he would like to be seen as the biggest nob in the immediate vicinity.

“Though there’s a lovely village in the Orkneys called Twatt where he might wish to invest in a hoilday cottage.”

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