The Queen “If Labour get in I’ll leave the country”

the queenHer Majesty the Queen has said in no uncertain terms today that she will move abroad if Labour get into power following the forthcoming General Election in May.

In a move that will only amplify the despair of the nation and Ed Miliband’s woes she has added her name to a list of potential ex-pats that already includes Jim Davidson, Katie Hopkins and Myleene Klass,

Breaking her traditional silence on political matters the Queen voiced her concerns on the Andrew Marr show that whilst a mansion tax as promised by Labour wouldn’t mean her having to cut back on anything, she may see slightly less money left over in her bank account at the end of the month.

“I’ll still be rich, but I won’t be as rich. I’ll actually be a few hundred quid a month worse off. Apparently it’s all going to this NHS thing but I have my own private doctor and Charles only uses homeopathy so that’s no good to us.

“Labour say they are striving for a more egalitarian society. Now look at me. What on earth makes you think I’d want anything to do with that?”

Smug right wing television person Myleene Klass said that this could be the wake-up call that Britain needs.

“It’ll be hard enough for normal people to have to cope without seeing my smug face on the television every day. But If the Queen goes as well then everyone will go. And there won’t be anyone left.” She warned.


  1. independentview says:

    If that is true, Then I will not stand as independent and will VOTE LABOUR.

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