This man’s knob fell out accidentally in busy street. What happened next will amaze you

man's knob

Juan Caunetto (38) experienced a drama that all men secretly dread whilst walking briskly to catch a tube train from Baker Street station in London. Just before entering the station he checked his flies only to find out that not only were they open but his own knob was hanging out for all to see.

“Luckily a passing gentleman was quick witted enough to race over and turn my trouser pockets inside out. He then began singing Nellie the Elephant loudly and started walking behind me in conga fashion. Before I knew where I was there was a conga of some 200 people behind me, all singing Nellie the Elephant, all making their way down the escalator to the train, me at the front with my knob swinging about like an elephants trunk and my pockets turned inside out like elephants ears.” Mr Caunetto explained.

“It really restored my faith in humanity.

“I was still arrested and I’ve been banned from public transport for 3 years. But all in all I think I pretty much got away with it. I should thank my lucky stars.

“The gentleman who turned my pockets inside out accidentally forgot to return the contents to me. But he’s got my phone and wallet with all my contact details so I expect him to contact me any time soon so I can thank him face to face.”

A spokesman for British transport police told us “We do not comment on individual cases.”


  1. Major cock up averted..

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