Boney M banned from Russia

boney m

Members of the 1970s band Boney M have been told that they will face a travel ban on any future trips to Russia should they be planning such a thing according to information released this morning.

The band are reportedly on a list of almost a hundred public figures all banned from Russia which includes Angela Merkel, Jimmy Nail and former British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg.

Mrs Merkel has condemned the ban as pointless sabre rattling. “It’s just knee jerk nonsense, How many Germanic-Caribbean bands have we stopped coming over here from Russia? This is just like a return to the cold war.” She explained.

However not all share this view. One Russian diplomat told us that the band who brought such hits to the western world as Brown Girl in the ring and Hooray! Hooray!! It’s a holi-Holiday only had themselves to blame.

“Standing up on stage in the 1970s singing that Rah Rah  Rasputin song with all sorts of references to sex and Russian royalty. They’ll have to take a holi-holiday somewhere else now and quite frankly they brought it upon themselves. We should have banned them sooner.

“They’ll be disappointed if they try to step on to Russian soil.Unless of course they turn up separately or they’re not singing and as a result we don’t recognise them. They probably look a bit different now.”

The ban is thought to be retaliation for the band probably not attending the Winter Olympics.


  1. Oh, those Russians…

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