Putin “We’ll completely understand if Russia loses world cup”

Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that he will completely understand if Russia loses the right to host the 2018 World Cup should some evidence of bribery be uncovered in the current FBI investigation on FIFA. Speaking to a heaving press conference the Mr Putin said “We will of course launch a full investigation into […]

Boney M banned from Russia

Members of the 1970s band Boney M have been told that they will face a travel ban on any future trips to Russia should they be planning such a thing according to information released this morning. The band are reportedly on a list of almost a hundred public figures all banned from Russia which includes […]

Prince Charles “Putin is just like Arnold out of Different Strokes”

Relationships between the Kremlin and Buckingham Palace have deteriorated further today after the Prince Charles is widely to believed to have passed comments seemingly accusing the Russian Premier of looking and acting like Arnold out of Different Strokes. The hapless monarch in waiting is said to have voiced his feelings at a recent visit to […]

Putin recognises the Isle of Wight as a nation

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a decree recognising the Isle of Wight as a “sovereign and independent state”, officials say. Sources said the decree would come into force immediately. Foreign Secretary William Hague said “Mr Putin has had his eye on the Isle of Wight and their thriving ice cream and garlic industry for […]

Fears mount of Sting releasing another anti-cold war song

In Europe and America there’s a growing feeling of hysteria or so the song went. And fears are mounting today that amidst the worsening crisis in Ukraine and sabre rattling from Russian President Vladimir Putin, former Police front man Sting may be likely to release another anti-cold war song. A source close to Sting told […]

Putin promises to keep invasions down to a minimum

President of Russia Vladimir Putin has today promised that he will keep all invasions down to a minimum. Mr Putin has blamed foreign interference for him choosing to invade foreign countries but promised despite this he will be exercising restraint and will not be invading somewhere every day. “We will start every morning by asking […]

Russia to use Olympic snow to make giant gay snowman

Russia has confirmed that it will not be breaking with Olympic tradition and will be marking the end of the Winter Olympics at Sochi by using all the snow to make a giant gay snowman. Russian President Vlamir Putin explained that the snowman would be bigger that the 150 foot gay snowman built at the […]