Prince Charles “Putin is just like Arnold out of Different Strokes”


Relationships between the Kremlin and Buckingham Palace have deteriorated further today after the Prince Charles is widely to believed to have passed comments seemingly accusing the Russian Premier of looking and acting like Arnold out of Different Strokes.

The hapless monarch in waiting is said to have voiced his feelings at a recent visit to an old peoples home where one pensioner Bert Onions asked him what he thought of Mr Putin’s recent activities.

According to Mr Onions the Prince then replied “You know, he’s like the little one out of the two. Not Willis. The one played by the late Gary Coleman. He reminds me of him. After all they’re both short and they’re always on the telly.”

However Russian foreign minister Alexander Lukashevich has played down rumours of any rift.

“Whatever character in a 1980s American sitcom Prince Charles may be referring to, we’re confident that it was part of a private conversation. But if those words were indeed said, they do no credit to the future British monarch.  We understand that the world don’t move to the beat of just one drum but Mr Putin’s  response would be simply be watchoo talking about?”

Labour leader Ed Miliband has publicly shown support for the controversial probable King to be.  “It’s all good practise for when he’s king and can call anyone he likes Arnold out of different strokes” he explained.

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