Asteroid “not guaranteed” to hit Britain


Scientists have urged the British public to stay calm and not panic over the possibility that Britain might at some point be hit by an asteroid.

Speaking to a heaving press conference Professor Brian Cox explained “At some point something is going to collide with something else. And if one of those things is Britain and the other is an asteroid it could well be a recipe for disaster.”

“It depends how big it is and also how fast it’s going. It also depends whether it hits Britain or another country, or indeed whether it hits the planet at all. It might be nowhere near us.

“The chances are slim but you’d be better avoiding coastal areas if it lands in the sea, though if it lands inland then you’d be better off on the coast. Either way, I wouldn’t worry about it. If you look at how big the earth is and how big an asteroid is then it doesn’t take Einstein to work out that the asteroid is going to come off worse.

Critics have voiced concerns for the existence of human life on earth as we know it following a future asteroid collision citing the widely held belief that an asteroid collision may have wiped out all the dinosaurs a number of years back.

However Professor Brian has reassured that the end of the human race is actually far from nigh.

“The chances of all the dinosaurs being in exactly the same place and all being squashed by it must have been about a million to one. Humans are a lot more spread out so even a big one will miss most of us.” He explained.

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