Super-rich arse-hat furious at workers having enough to eat

justin king arse hat

Super rich arse-hat and former Sainsbury boss Justin King told today of his fury at a 50p an hour pay rise meaning many full time workers might be able to run amok paying bills and having enough to eat willy nilly.

Mr King who trousered almost £2 million in his last year working for Sainsbury said “If we’re not allowed to pay people shit wages then we won’t be able to create more jobs where we pay shit wages. So the more employees we have who can’t make ends meet, the better chance we have of ensuring we have lots more employees who wont be able to make ends meet either. It makes perfect economical sense, apart from the fact that there were no mass redundancies after labour introduced the minimum wage and apart from the fact that people with more money might spend more and create more jobs.

“Anyway If you give people a living wage then they’ll just go round living on it. Lauding their ‘just about getting by’ over everybody. Making me feel less comparatively rich than if I would if they couldn’t pay their bills.  Rubbing my nose in it. Bastards.”

One Sainsbury employee admitted that they had been initially been looking forward to the commencement of the living wage in 2016 but now realised that they were just being selfish. “I wasn’t thinking of year on year growth, director bonuses and shareholder dividends. I was being completely self-centred and thinking about feeding my family. I’m such a bastard.”

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