Costa coffee employee sacked for getting Costa coffee tattoo

costa coffee tattoo

A former Costa coffee employee has said she is  “heartbroken” following her dismissal from Costa coffee, a company that she loved working for so much that she had the company logo tattooed on her arm.

A tearful Tracey Crapper from Burgess Hill  told us “I loved everything about that job. I loved selling warm caffeinated drinks, marketed as a lifestyle in a shit cup for £4, so much that I thought I should show my devotion by having the brand inked on my arm, so my employers could see how keen I was. But instead they just called me into the office for a quiet word and sacked me.”

A spokesman for Costa said “We don’t allow our staff to have tattoos.”

Tracey has no plans to have the tattoo removed and has said her dismissal will not stop her spending much of her time embracing the brand.

“When I’m not working, I’m normally in Costa anyway drinking cup after cup of their delicious coffee. My favourite is the skinny mochachocasnickasnackafrappafuckingchino. Now I just sit the other side of the counter all day, hoping some change of fate will give me my job back.” She explained.

In a turn of fate, Ms Crapper almost walked straight into a job with rival coffee chain Starbucks who have a far more liberal attitude to tattoos. Sadly and inexplicably the offer was withdrawn shortly afterwards.

“We’re fine with our staff having tattoos. But not ones that advertise Costa” a spokesman for Starbucks explained.

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