Daily Mail readers fury as asylum seekers wear shirts and sip tea

immigrants drinking tea

A spokesman for the Home Office has apologised this morning following revelations that a number of asylum seekers were seen sipping tea from cups and wearing shirts.

The news comes as some asylum seekers were ferried from London to Manchester in a Hummer, for exactly the same price to the tax-payer as a mini-bus, when a mini-bus was not actually available.

Regular Mail reader Bob Muggins explained to us “It’s been a rocky road. Depending on the headlines in the Mail I’ve been anti-immigration, then thanks to pictures of drowning children I’ve been all for helping helping refugees and then forgotten all about it and been anti-immigration all over again. Now it turns out that despite offering these people my fleeting support they’ve been lauding it up in single beds in huge dormitories under lock and key and spending their days wearing shirts and occasionally drinking tea. And who pays for that, Muggins here.

“Unless of course they brought their own shirts and tea.” He added.

Another Mail reader we spoke to told us that he would much rather that all asylum seekers had expensive shit transport than reasonably priced posh transport and anyway he wasn’t a racialist.

“It’s not the Hummer. It’s the fact that they all emerged still wearing shirts and most likely trotting off somewhere for a cup of tea. It might have been coffee, You couldn’t fucking make it up.” He told us.

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