Win a pack of Mayfair King Size!

mayfair king size

There’s no doubt these days that smoking makes you look very sophisticated. But style doesn’t always come cheap. And with the price of alcohol going up as well, a relaxing evening blowing smoke rings in a debonair fashion up at the bar of your favourite beer or wine emporium can be tough on your pocket.

That’s why for one lucky News Toad reader we’ll be offering an entire pack of Mayfair King Size or Mayfair Smooth Free! That’s free with no strings attached!*  No you’re not hearing things. You can sit up at the bar lauding it up knowing that you’ll just have to pay £9 for each poncy cocktail in a jam jar whilst we shout the smokes!

Simply send us a picture of you smoking up at the bar of a pub, between courses in a restaurant or whilst reading a book in a library. Don’t forget to enclose your full name, address, date of birth, bank details, mother’s maiden name and the name of your first pet.

*If challenged on smoking in a pub, restaurant or supermarket it is absolutely nothing to do with us. A small fee may be required to unlock your prize. Staff at News Toad reserve the right to change the rules, the prizes or just not do anything of the sort.

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