Win a pack of Mayfair King Size!

There’s no doubt these days that smoking makes you look very sophisticated. But style doesn’t always come cheap. And with the price of alcohol going up as well, a relaxing evening blowing smoke rings in a debonair fashion up at the bar of your favourite beer or wine emporium can be tough on your pocket. […]

Pub beer gardens to ban farting

Farting is set to be banned in pub beer gardens following a report released today by the Royal Society for Public Health who said that the practise should be seen as “abnormal” and more controls are needed to cover areas where people gather. Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said that regrettably despite Government intervention, people were […]

Smokers celebrate mystery fag packet roulette

Smokers throughout the country are today celebrating the Government’s decision to remove branding from cigarettes, making it impossible to distinguish which brand you have, and thus making smoking more unpredictable and exciting. One smoker in Australia which legislated to make smoking more fun 2 years ago explained “Life used to be so bloody predictable when […]

Smoking damages the chakras warn reiki therapists

In their strongest anti smoking message yet reiki therapists have warned that heavy smoking may cause permanent damage to chakras, the aura and may slow down the flow of chi. A spokesman for the the British Reiki Association (BRA) told us “We don’t really believe in ‘lungs’ and ‘the brain’ per se, as they rely […]