Still more time to run around panic buying shit

christmas shopping

Despite the fact that the shops are shut for a day on Friday there are still a few more days to run around panic buying shit according to retailers.

A spokesman for the National Association of Generic Shopping Centres said “If you ran around yesterday buying ill thought out presents and you’ve woken up this morning thinking that you’ve insulted your family and friends by buying them absolute toss, then you most probably have. But the good news is that you still have at least today to do the whole thing all over again. And you can use a credit card if you haven’t got anything left in your current account.

“You should keep panic buying until you get it right. After all it is God’s birthday.

“Of course, even if you want to keep shopping well into Christmas morning, then many petrol stations will still be open for ‘right up to the wire’ stocking fillers such as a packet of 20 Mayfair smooth or some jaffa cakes. Failing that, many rural hostelries may be in a position to sell drinks or peanuts which you can then gift wrap for consumption on or off the premises.”

One shopper we spoke to said  “If all else fails I’m going to have to rock up at my local church and persuade the vicar to sell me a pew or a hassock. It’s not ideal though. The wife wasn’t exactly chuffed last year.”

Christmas this year is on a Friday, followed by a week-end during which the shops are open again.


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