Jimmy Savile waxwork to be removed from Madame Tussauds

jimmy savile waxwork

Britain’s most famous waxwork museum, Madame Tussauds, have confirmed this morning that they will be removing their replica of Jimmy Savile following complaints from some members of the public.

The decision, which comes after an original plan to keep the wax work on display but stop the controversial recording of “Urgh-ee-Urgh-ee Urgh” that played in the museum when anyone walked passed it, was criticised as too little too late.

The ill fated 1970s TV section is however thought to still include Rolf Harris, Stewart Hall and Gary Glitter.

“We’ve melted them down in the past due to public demand. But then we just keep making them again” a spokesman for the museum told us.

The decision has not had universal support with many middle aged adults disappointed that they will no longer be able to see such an iconic figure from their youth.

Indeed one visitor told us “I used to dream of being on Jim’ll Fix it and getting a special Jim’ll Fix It badge. I must have written him about a hundred letters. This way I still get to stand next to a lifelike effigy of Savile, thus almost achieving my childhood ambition but I don’t have to worry about getting bummed.”

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