Furious Gary Barlow demands explanation from PM over tax affairs

angry gary barlow

An incandescent with rage Gary Barlow has gone on record to demand and a full and frank explanation of David Cameron’s tax affairs.

At a Take That concert last night Mr Barlow turned off the recording of him singing so he could speak to fans through a microphone about this important issue.

“With cuts to disability benefits, bedroom tax and a shocking rise in the number of people reliant on food banks, anyone who is wealthy and still tries to avoid paying tax must be a special sort of bastard. I’m so angry I’ve got a good mind to release a song about it. Through my new record company in the Cayman Islands.” He explained.

Despite Mr Barlow’s criticisms the Prime Minister has argued that taxation law should really just be seen as a guideline and that it is absolutely fine to pull a few different strokes here and there.

“I avoid tax because it’ll only be spent on bombing Syria. And I should know, I’m the Prime Minister.” He told us.

However Mr Barlow is by no means alone in highlighting the apparent hypocrisy of the Prime Minister.

Comedian Jimmy Carr said “He acts as some sort of moral compass pouring judgement on others yet somehow thinks that he himself is above making any such contributions to society. Ah herr herr herr herr herrrrr!”

One disabled person told us “I’m sure the whole thing’s a big misunderstanding and I for one am more than happy to lose a huge chunk of my subsistence income whilst they sort it out.”

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