Lineker presents MOTD whilst taking a shit

lineker taking a shit

Gary Lineker kept his promise and introduced the opening Match of the Day of the new season whilst taking a shit.

Former England captain Lineker, 55, pledged to “do the first MOTD of next season whilst squatting down and dropping the kids off at the pool” if former club Leicester won the Premier League.

“When I tweeted that silly bet back in December, I categorically knew there was zero chance of Leicester winning the league. Zero chance. It happened but it was magical, it was great. As a result I have no option but to drop a brown trout on live TV.”

A very sporting Lineker remained on his specially constructed pan with his trousers round his ankles as Shearer and Wright analysed Leicester’s opening-day defeat by Hull. But as the programme moved on to the second match, he told viewers: “Enough of this nonsense – I’m going to wipe my arse.

“In fairness it’s not the first time I’ve done it. In the past it’s just been an accident and I’ve just hoped no-one will notice.”

One Leicester resident proudly told us “Now we are famous for cheese and LinEker taking a poo on terrestrial television. It’s a great day for the city.”


  1. Superb and so on the money he’s a real bellend

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