Trump shock at news shooting his opponent means he’ll just get another opponent

donald trump shocked

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has told of his shock today at finding out that if someone shoots Hilary Clinton he won’t automatically become President and the Democrats will just choose another opponent for him.

“Not that I’m advocating anyone shooting my opponents but if they just happened to do so accidentally, and then accidentally shoot their replacement and so on, how many opponents do they get to roll out before someone shoots them and I become President?” He asked hypothetically.

“You’ve got to draw the line somewhere though. If it was half way through the actual vote and my opponent God forbid was accidentally shot by one of my supporters in no way sanctioned or encouraged by me, it would surely be too late for the democrats to pick someone else?

“It would probably be better just to make me President now in order to avoid unnecessary blood shed. And I think we can dispense with these dangerous elections after that. Guns don’t kill people. Elections do.”

Mr Trump has recently hit the headlines for challenging Usain Bolt to a 100 metre sprint.

“If someone God forbid accidentally shoots him then I win, right?” He mused.

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