May “We’re having an Okey Cokey Brexit”


Britain will be having an Okey Cokey Brexit where it puts its left foot in, out, in out and then shakes it all about according to Prime Minister Theresa May.

Speaking this morning on the Andrew Marr show Mrs May insisted that that was what it was all about.

“Far from us not having anything resembling a coherent clue as to where we are going with this we’ll be facing it head on, knees bent, arms stretched,  ra ra ra.” She explained.

A source close to the Prime Minister confided “She hasn’t been very well for some time

“But we’ll be fine under her leadership. Absolutely fine.”

However a furious Nigel Farage said that he would not stop campaigning until Brexit was instigated by a recording of the late Mike Reid shouting “Runaround Now!” starting a process where Britain has 3 seconds to negotiate its complete exit fro the EU.

“Donald Trump can make it happen. And he’s my friend.” He explained.


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