“I never mocked that disabled reporter” says man who mocked reporter for being disabled


Donald Trump has gone on record today to deny mocking reporter Serge Kovaleski for being disabled even though he did and it was all recorded and everybody saw it.

“The media have made it look like a hate speech by recording it and playing it to other people. Ultimately they are responsible for all this. Hitler had the same problem.” Mr Trump explained.

“The reporter in question apparently changed some  story or other though I haven’t really backed that up with anything. So obviously I pointed out my perceived holes in his argument by doing a rather vile impression of a disabled person. It could have been any disabled person that I was mimicking and the fact that the person that I was mocking happened to be disabled has nothing to do with it.” He assured.

“And Putin said he thought it was funny. So other people need to lighten up.” He added.

Indeed, an apparent sense of humour from Mr Trump albeit a highly unpleasant one may be welcomed  as a step in the right direction  from a man who finds all comedians, actors and entertainers overrated.

“I have possibly the best sense of humour out of anyone you will ever meet. But we won’t be needing the media or the arts for entertainment for a few years. Under my leadership we’ll entertain ourselves with good old fashioned lynchings.” He explained.


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