Trump “We will build a giant Mexican and Pink Floyd will have to pay for it”


Donald Trump will commission the construction of a gigantic Mexican bankrolled by progressive rock band Pink Floyd, according to the President Elect this morning.

Speaking from outside Trump tower where the billionaire had been discussing everything except his business affairs with his sons, Mr Trump said “Pink Floyd are a failed band. So they must be made to pay for a giant Mexican. I’ll see to that.”

Whilst the Trump team have hailed the plans as a victory for ordinary Americans, Pink Floyd front man David Gilmour has already cast doubt on Mr Trump’s plan. “We’re not going to do anything of the sort.” He told us.

However, Mr Trump has hit back furiously at Mr Gimour saying “You’re fake news, and you’re fake news and you’re fake news. I’m not talking to you. From now on I’ll only be answering questions from Russia Today.”

Mr Trump has also gone on record to deny that he is just being made to say random things by a laughing Vladimir Putin who is blackmailing him with a series of comprising videos.

“Я толстый маленький поросенок, который любит золотой дождь” He explained.

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