“Is it my turn again?” Asks Ed Miliband


Ed Miliband has told Labour voters that he is ready for another go at being party leader.

Speaking on the Marr show Mr Miliband said “Hell yes, I’m pumped up and ready for another crack of the whip. I’d like to thank Jeremy for standing in for me”

One Labour source told us “It’ll be a return to the glory days where everyone thinks their leader is a bit shit but generally avoids admitting it in public. Once again Labour will rise to the lofty heights of being a mediocre second choice.”

The Labour party have come under recent criticism for not providing a viable alternative to sticking a red hot poker up your arse with many choosing to opt for the latter following instructions from the Daily Mail.

“We’ll be able to offer a poker that’s not quite as hot.” Mr Miliband assured.

Present leader Jeremy Corbyn has assured supporters that whether he is leader or not he will continue to potter around in the same fashion.”I am democratically elected leader. But in another leadership contest a few years back members voted for Ed. And we have to respect their decision.”


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