Bananas recalled over spider risk

spiders in bananasCustomers who have bought bananas from any outlet in the past 4 days have been urged today to take them immediately back for a refund as fears grow that they may contain Brazilian Wandering spiders.

Whilst no shops or supermarkets have actually called for a recall themselves, one customer Stanley Gifford of Burgess Hill told us that he would be taking all his bananas back for a full refund and would advise everyone else to do the same.

“We don’t know exactly how many bananas contain these spiders but we do know that it’ll be somewhere between none of them and all of them.” Mr Gifford explained.

“I bought a bunch recently and peeled one of them at arms length. It was fine but would I be so lucky next time? With every one that’s fine you stand a greater chance of the next one having a spider in it. Or even a snake.”

For those not wishing to give up on their daily banana, Mr Gifford has offered advice for the cautious consumer.

“You mustn’t be afraid to ask the staff whether a banana has a spider in it before you buy it. I will often repeat the question for each individual banana they have in the shop. Sometimes twice to be absolutely certain. And even after that, don’t be afraid to take them back for a refund again if you have concerns.”

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