John McCririck offered new job as a horse

john mccririck

A spokesman for Channel 4 has today asked that the John McCririck age discrimination issue be finally laid to rest as the veteran broadcaster is to continue working for Channel 4 where he will start his new position on Monday, as a horse.

Sacked from his previous position of wearing a silly hat, hanging around race tracks and spouting gibberish, Mr McCririck is said to be happy with the decision and more than happy to share a field with Clare Balding who has also been offered a job as a horse.

“It was looking like four to one against such an eventuality but I had a pony on it” the veteran broadcaster told us while waving his arms around in a ridiculous manner “But I’m glad they’ve seen sense and employed me as a horse.”

Though apparently instrumental in Mr McCririck suddenly being offered the new position, Channel 4’s Chief Creative Officer Jay Hunt has denied the racing pundit’s claims that she was a “serial age discrimination offender”.

“We really love old people and there’s no bad feeling at all on either side. We all think that John will make a fabulous horse and many of us will be popping over to his field to offer him a sugar lump or two in our spare time. And we resent suggestions that Channel 4’s recent purchase of a nearby  glue factory is in any way connected to this position.”

Ms Hunt was previously in the spotlight for sacking Country file presenter Miriam O’Reilly for being in her fifties when she worked for the BBC. Ms O’Reilly has since been offered a new position as a horse.

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