Lib Dems say something or other about some stuff

Nick clegg something or other

A senior member of the Lib Dem party has reportedly said something or other about some stuff over the last few days.

The Lib Dem politician who was most likely to be Nick Clegg, Danny Alexander or Vince Cable but could have been one of the others, if there actually are any others, reportedly covered some different topics using a system of words and sentences. At one point the politician in question even waved his or her index finger around a bit to emphasise a point that was apparently being made.

One member of the public who happened to be there at the time told us “I can’t remember exactly what was said but it was something along the lines of nya nya nya waffle waffle meep meep meep.  It’s most admirable that they feel comfortable doing some talking. Everybody should talk a bit.”

Indeed the news comes just days after Lib Dem Leader Nick Clegg is said to have addressed a press conference where he started by saying “I think it’s important that..” after which he went on to say some different things about this, that and the other.

Political analyst Nick Robinson told us that this is unlikely to be the last time that the Lib Dems talk about some stuff. “They like saying stuff. We have it on good authority that they like saying things in private as well as sometimes talking through a microphone. It’s probably a good way to unwind from the day job.”





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