Controversy as all new cars built to face Mecca

cars facing mecca

Far right movements such as the BNP, Britain First and UKIP are considering a joint protest today following a leaked memo that all new cars manufactured in Britain are now designed to face Mecca.

A spokesman for the Honda factory in Swindon explained that the change in production had not been universally popular but their hands were unfortunately tied. “We need to ensure all cars are Halal so as not to cause offence to someone whose religion might dictate they should not buy, rent or just sit in a new car that is designed to face the other way. Christianity does not set out any particular guidelines on the subject, but an increasing number of brand new British residents are very particular about which direction their car should be facing, and it would be irresponsible as manufacturers not to cater for that.

“This has actually caused the production line to be altered from lengthways to widthways in order to ensure the cars are facing the correct way from the beginning of  production to the final delivery to the customers driveway. Of course we’re now running at a fraction of our previous capacity which has resulted in a loss of jobs but we don’t want to offend anyone.”

One new Honda owner told us that whilst the situation not ideal, it would certainly not prevent him from buying a new car.

“Ultimately if you’re going to buy a new car with your hard earned money, it should be able to face anyway you want it to. And it does if you turn the steering wheel. Otherwise you’d end up in Mecca every time you nip out for a pint of milk.”

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