Absolute idiot pays £2.2 million for Tracey Emin’s stupid bed

tracey emin's stupid bed

The art world is said to be “vibrating with pretentiousness” today following the news that an undisclosed absolute idiot with a lot of money has bought Tracey Emin’s stupid bed for £2.2 million.

One art critic told us that Tracey Emin’s stupid bed had turned the art world on its head.

“It has turned the art world on it’s head. But there’s always someone turning the art world on its head, so in this instance it was already on its head so that means it has been turned the right way round again. Or maybe it wasn’t, but if all people are going to do is turn the art world on it’s head and back the way it was again then it becomes a bore and subsequently part of the establishment.  Someone needs to turn it on its head.”

A spokesman for the Post War and Contemporary Art Evening Auction explained “With regards to the buyer, he or she as asked to remain anonymous. And frankly we’re not fucking surprised. He or she probably thought people would think they were special if they bought Tracey Emins stupid bed for £2.2 million. Even more special than if they had perhaps used the money to pull thousands of people out of poverty, taken homeless people off the street or provide one hot meal for millions of starving children. Or just done something vaguely useful. If we weren’t getting such a huge cut for selling Tracey Emin’s stupid bed we might we have pointed this out to them.”

Emin herself has welcomed her own work as changing people’s perception of art. “It’s post ironic” she explained.

In other art news Damien Hirst is also changing people’s perception of art and has unveiled his new work “My arse” where he has invited critics and connoisseurs alike to peer into his own self centred arse through a telescope, whilst eating canapes.

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