Kate Bush to run for U.S presidency

kate bush

Kate Bush has confirmed that she will be running for United States presidency in 2016 in what is seen to be a new chapter in the Bush family political dynasty and could also mean the first ever female president.

For many the choice may seem odd, Ms Bush having enjoyed a singing career in Britain and being a confirmed white witch, but amongst this political elite, such forays are generally regarded as a rite of passage in the same way as her brother George W Bush’s years of alcoholism before becoming president.

A Bush family insider told us “She’s very good a warbling in a theatrical manner but ultimately she’s a Bush and leading people is in her genes. She’s got all the hippy shit our of her system now and she’s ready to take the fight to whoever is wielding those axes of evil”

Indeed Ms Bush received rapturous applause from republicans on saying “It’s me I’m Kathy I’ve come home now. And I’m running up that hill.”

“And read my lips, no more being a white witch. Instead I’m going to attempt to manipulate the teachings of Christ into starting some more wars” she continued.

One applauding republican told us “She’s definitely up to the job. She’ll probably invade Islamastan or Irap.”

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