East 17 “exaggerated” over everyone being in the house of love


East 17 lied about everyone being in the house of love and even made a song about it in a cynical attempt to cover their tracks according to new evidence released either yesterday or today.

One tearful fan told us that he felt not so much angry but disappointed with the 1990s foursome who later added to their deception with a cock and bull story about counting clouds.

“I don’t even know how everyone would have fitted in there. But I just went with it blindly because they were on TV. We put these people on a pedestal and this is how they repay us.”

Another said he had been taken in hook line and sinker and taking it s gospel had even learnt to play the song on the recorder. “I thought they meant everyone except me was there because I knew I wasn’t. But then I met someone else who wasn’t there either.”

Former Front man and now jacuzzi salesman Brian Harvey told us that the band was being quite truthful but admitted some chronological ambiguity was apparent.

“We meant at the time of recording the song. Obviously if people turned up at the house of love a few weeks later there would only be some people there rather than everybody. The rest would be somewhere else. Maybe in lots of different places.”

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